grease Presto white 150ml
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grease Presto white 150ml
grease Presto white 150ml
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Presto white spray grease is a tenacious lubricant for reducing wear in metal and plastic mechanical parts. Suitable for use on ball bearings, joints, springs and so on. Properties: good wicking ability. Excellent mechanical and thermal stability. Outstanding adhesion. High viscosity. Resistant to weather, weak acids and bases. Provides corrosion protection against acids and salts. Hinders abrasion and seizing of treated parts. Contains PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene). Usable between -30°C and 160°C. Directional spray. Provided with a special cap containing both a tube and a spray head, adaptable depending on the required use. Observe TRG300. Chemical data: base: mineral and EP greases. Colour: beige. Odour: characteristic. Appearance: grease. Density at 20°C: 0.76g/ml. Spray rate: 1.51g/sec. Gas pressure at 20°C: 3-4 bar. 4 ball EP test (AS TM D 2596): 3164 N. 4 ball wear test (AS TM D 266): < 0.4mm. Temperature rating: -30-160°C. pH: neutral. Shelf life: 10 years in sensible conditions (10-25°C, RH 60% max). Packaging/ contents: aerosol can 150ml net volume. This item may only be sold to people over the age of 18. Dangerous Substances Directive in accordance with CLP-Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 and its various adaptations. Hazard pictograms: GHS02, GHS07, GHS09. Signal word: Danger. Hazard warnings: H222-H229 highly inflammable aerosol. Vessel under pressure, can burst if heated. H315 causes skin irritation. H336 can cause drowsiness and dizziness. H411 poisonous for aquatic organisms with long lasting effect. Safety warnings: P102 may not be used by children. P210 keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, naked flames and other sources of ignition. No smoking. P211 do not spray into naked flames or other sources of ignition. P251 do not pierce or burn, even after can is empty. P260 do not inhale aerosol. P410+P412 keep out of direct sunlight, do not expose to temperatures over 50°C. P501 dispose of the contents/ container according to the local requirements. Relevant sections: H220 highly inflammable gas, H225 liquid and vapour easily inflammable. H280 contains gas under pressure; can explode during heating. H304 can be deadly if ingested or breathed in. H315 causes skin irritation. H318 causes serious eye damage. H336 can cause drowsiness and dizziness. H411 poisonous for aquatic organisms with long lasting effects. R11 easily inflammable. R12 extremely inflammable. R38 irritates the skin. R41 danger of serious eye damage. R51/53 poisonous for aquatic organisms, can have long lasting effects in waters. R65 damaging to health, can cause lung damage if ingested. R66 repeated contact can lead to skin damage. R67 vapours can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Please see UK safety standards for use of chemicals.
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Universal Product - This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility for your scooter before purchase. If it is an after-market racing scooter product please measure your original item and scooter, certain modifications might be needed. If you have questions please open a support ticket and we will respond in 24 hours or less.
May require some modification for proper installation.

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