Malossi QMB139 Racing Variator  MHR Multivar for GY6, 139QMB/QMA, Kymco 4-stroke M.5113139
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variator Malossi Multivar for Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi) RS 460
variator Malossi Multivar for Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi) RS 460
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Malossi QMB139 Racing Variator MHR Multivar for GY6, 139QMB/QMA, Kymco 4-stroke M.5113139

Malossi Multivar variator for great drive and shifting, as well as increased top end. [computer-optimized running surface] Now available for Chinese 4-stroke scooters with 139QMB and 139QMA engines. Specially developed for 50cc 4-stroke Chinese scooters. Counterpressure spring should be replaced, otherwise the 7g weights are too heavy. We recommend 5.5g weights if the spring is not replaced for one reason or another. Delivery includes: 1x counter pressure spring and 1x set of weights (16x13/7g). 1 x unrestricted variator sleeve.

MALOSSI is the long-standing industry standard when it comes to after-market racing scooter products. We carry a wide range of performance scooter products from 49cc to 700cc in the Malossi products range. When selecting Malossi try not to mix and match brands know that Malossi components are designed to work with other Malossi components and it will make any upgrades easier to tune since they are designed to work with each other. Malossi is one of our top tier brands with our highest recommendation. They have an excellent price range, model selection, and the highest quality. All Malossi components are made 100% in Italy. All final manufacturing, assembly, and research and development is done at their facilities in Bologna. Order with confidence this is one of the best brands in the Racing Planet range.
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Mr. Crews
Quality of this variator is unmatched! Proper ramp angles and quality material make this a variator that will never need replacing for many enjoyable miles. We used the set up as is and got 4-5 mph indicated on a stock 139qmb engine. Realistically 3-4mph!!
spare parts
vario weights Malossi HT 16x13mm - 7.0g
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located in EU warehouse
$17.14 $14.31
variator sliders Malossi Multivar - 3 pieces
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located in EU warehouse
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