2X.2900577 Boatoan QMB139 Soundboard Underseat Custom Scooter Speaker System for Boatian Style Chinese Scooters
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QMB139 Soundboard Underseat Custom Scooter Speaker System for Boatian - Kymco Filly Style Chinese 50cc Scooters
QMB139 Soundboard Underseat Custom Scooter Speaker System for Boatian - Kymco Filly Style Chinese 50cc Scooters
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Boatian QMB139 Soundboard Underseat Custom Scooter Speaker System for Boatian Style Chinese Scooters

2X.2900577 Stylish Soundboard Scooter Deluxe 2x 13cm boxes.

Sound amplification / speaker system for Boatian style China Scooters. Included two large speakers (13cm) with 300W power. Strong amplifier hidden under the board. Connectors for connecting external MP3 devices, phone, or a mini disk. Fits vehicles that are Boatian BT-50QT9 (Kymco Filly) clones, or 90% of Chinese scooters with 10 inch wheels.
Audio In for Music or MP3 Player Connection.
NOTE does not work with all Chinese Scooters it is brand specific, compare to picture, and check to see if your model is listed below. It is your responsibility to match prior to ordering.
Works with the following scooter 139QMB GY6 models. Sold as shown. Compare to your under seat space prior to ordering. Color as shown. Following models are known to have a Kymco Filly / QMB139 Boatian style seat opening for the speaker system.

Adamoto Fighter 4T
AGM GMX 450 [QM50QT-6A]
ATX Motor Milano 4T
ATX Motor Roma 2 4T
ATX Motor Torino 4T
AZT Motor ATZ Euroscooter 4T
Baccari Zondar 4T
Baja Suncity SC50 4T VIN LWGT
Baotian BT125T-8A
Baotian BT49QT-9 Sprint
Baotian BT50QT-9 Ecobike
Barton 21 4T
Barton GTR 4T
Benzer Syracuse 4T
Benzhou City Star (YY50QT)
Boxter Binq 50 4T
Boxter Mascot 50 4T
Bufallo Wind 50
Dazon Diamondback 50 4T
Explorer (A.T.U) City Star (YY50QT)
Explorer (A.T.U) Level 100 (ZS50QT)
Explorer (A.T.U) Wild Eagle (ZS50QT)
Faspider Roma 4T
Flex Tech Sprint-10 50 (SK50QT-A)
Flex Tech Sprint-12 50 (SK50QT-B)
Futong FT50QT-3 4T
Gateway Speedy 4T
GB Motors First 4T
Giantco Sprint City 4T
Horn Ultimo 4T
INCA Sprint 4T
Jackfox City Star (YY50QT)
Jinlun JL50QT-5 Fighter
Jmstar Breeze 50 4T JSD50QT-13
Jmstar Solana 50 4T JSD50QT-27
Jonway Beta 50 4T
Jonway YY50QT-6 4T
Karcher KM 50 4-Takt
Kentoya Zoom 4T
Kingway Cobus 4T
Kingway Coliber 4T
Kingway Coliber Classic 4T
Kingway Coliber Fart 4T
Kingway Coliber Rex 4T
Kingway Coliber Sport 4T
Kingway Vezyr 4T
Kinroad XT50QT-2
Kinroad XT50QT-2A 10 cali
Kinroad XT50QT-2A 12 cali
Kymco Filly 50 4T SD10AC
Lingben LB50QT-16 (MODEL II)
Lingben LB50QT-16 (MODEL III)
Lingben LB50QT-6 4T
Longbo LB50QT-6 50 4T
Magnus Solatio 4T
Maver Action 4T
MKS BT50QT-9 Ecobike
Motobi Wilga I 4T
Motobi Wilga II 4T
Motofino MF50QT 50 4T
Motofino MF50QT-2 50 4T
Motomar Vision 4T
Motomar Vision II 4T
Motorro Cobi 50
Motorro Hawk 50
Peugeot V-CLIC 4T
Pulse BT49QT-9 Scout
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi) V-CLIC 4T
Quest Quest Q21 4T
Quest Quest Q3 4T
Quest Quest Q31 4T
REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke) Capriolo 50 [QM50QT-6A]
REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke) RS 400
REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke) RS 450 [QM50QT-6A]
REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke) RS 500 QM50QT-6A(A)
RM Motor Fox 4T
RM Motor Pepper 4T
Roketa Maui MC-08 50 4T
Romet Romet 727 4T
Romet Romet 727 ECO 4T
Romet Romet 727 komfort 4T
Romet Romet 727 Premium
Romet Romet 727 Premium 10 4T
Romet Romet 727 Premium 12 4T
Router Bassa 4T (bęben z przodu)
Router City Line 10 cali
Router Classa 4T (bęben z przodu)
Router Metro City 4T
Router Retro VSP 4T
Router Router XM 4T
Sachs 49er (FY50QT-5)
Schwinn Newport 50 4T
Sukida Sprint-10 50 (SK50QT-A)
Sukida Sprint-12 50 (SK50QT-B)
SunL SL50QT-7 50 4T
Tank Urban 50 4T
Toros Toros Steed 4T
Ultimar Speed 4T
Ventus Prymus I 4T
Ventus Prymus II 4T
Xinling XL50QT-B
Xintian (Kinroad) XT50QT
Ylsmco Quest I 4T
Ylsmco Quest II 4T
Yukimoto Speedy 4T
Zhongyu ZY50QT-7
Zipp Basic 4T
Zipp Otis 4T do 2013
Zipp Otis 4T od 2013
Zipp Tops 4T
Zipp Toxic 4T
Zipp Vapor I 4T
Zipp Vapor II (2011) 4T
Zongshen ZS50QT-4 (Cab 50)
Zumico Dynamic 4T
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