BGM original weights 15x12mm 3.00g
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Rollers -bgm Original 15x12mm- 3.00g
Rollers -bgm Original 15x12mm- 3.00g
Rollers -bgm Original 15x12mm- 3.00g
Rollers -bgm Original 15x12mm- 3.00g
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The centrifugal weights in the variator are a wearing part and must be replaced at regular intervals depending on the load (wear check approx. every 5000km).

A wear of the rollers is characterised by a flattening on one side, the rollers can then no longer slide properly in the variator`s raceway. This results in poor acceleration and often a lower final speed as the variator can no longer be fully extended due to the reduced diameter of the rollers.

To prevent premature wear, we recommend a dry lubricant based on PTFE instead of grease. This lubricant is not thrown out after a few revolutions like grease, but remains permanently in the variator.

NOTE: Please check which weights must be used in your variator before ordering. Often used cars are equipped with sport variators that use a different weight size than the original ones.
Therefore you will find sizes in your choice of vehicle that are not originally used in your vehicle.

Tuning tips

  • Heavier weights than original reduce the speed at which the scooter accelerates from about 10-50km/h.
  • Lighter weights than the original increase the speed at which the scooter accelerates from about 10-50km/h.

  • Only if the engine, for example through a different exhaust, only at higher speeds than the original develops its full power, the weights should be selected lighter. Otherwise the engine will not turn at all, so despite higher rpm it has less power and accelerates correspondingly worse, even if it sounds more sporty.

    Ideal for tuning are sets with different weight classes. You can also mix different weight sets, e.g. 3x5 grams and 3x7 grams. These must be positioned alternately in the variator to avoid imbalance. In our example you would get the arithmetic average of 6 grams. The only disadvantage is the somewhat faster wear of the heavier weights.

    First after tuning the variator, the clutch springs should be chosen accordingly. Otherwise they are often chosen too hard to compensate for the heavy variator weights.

    There is only one set of weights with which the scooter has its best performance and acceleration. You cannot influence the final speed with the weights unless they have been chosen so lightly that the motor has no force to counter the counter spring.

    The counter spring should always be chosen as soft as possible but as hard as necessary. Then the V-belt will neither slip nor will the drive be exposed to excessive friction, which would mean wear and loss of performance.



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